The Covid-19 pandemic, which has influenced the whole world since the beginning of 2020, continues its influence both in our country and in the world. First of all, we wish God's mercy from all those who lost their lives in the epidemic, and all our guests, who lost their loved ones, a head health.

The tourism sector has also been seriously affected within the framework of the restrictions and measures that came into force with the start of the outbreak. As Anamur Erciyes Apart, we work to manage this extraordinary situation in the world in the most accurate way and to serve you in the best way.


In May, after the entry and exit restrictions in Mersin, where our apartments are located, our apartment rental activity started again. The cleanliness of our apartments, which are very careful in normal times, is carried out more precisely together with the pandemic, and the procedures announced by the Ministry of Health are followed carefully and meticulously. Our guests whose reservations are not affected by restrictions can continue their holidays or visitors who want to go on holiday can create new reservations.

All of our guests who have been booked on the dates when the travel prohibitions continue (which cannot be on holiday due to the restrictions such as cancellation of flights and bus trips, temporary removal of intercity circulation) can be postponed to a later date, can be taken out or paid without interruption. payments can be returned. Our guests, whose reservations do not coincide with travel bans, but can still certify that they are adversely affected by the epidemic (such as cancellation of leave, wedding cancellation due to the epidemic, postponement), can also postpone their reservations for a period of more than 15 days, or take them for free, in this case, refund is not possible. In case the date or rented villa changes, the price of the re-booked apartments on the relevant date will be valid.

In order to avoid waiting for our guests who have a recent reservation and not to be a victim, we are dealing with reservations for the upcoming 45 days. We are currently unable to provide service to our guests whose travel start date is more than 45 days in cancellation and postponement. We thank you in advance for your understanding in this matter.

We hope that this challenging period of our country and our world will end soon and that the days we will continue from where we left our lives, loved ones and holidays will be permanent.

Thank you for your trust, support and understanding.