If you have decided to stay in Anamur Erciyes Apart, please read the following procedures carefully.


1) If you are going to make a reservation, you can make a reservation by contacting our contact number on the web page of or on the contact page.


2) In order to keep the registration of our guests who will stay first, on the day you arrive at the accommodation, it is necessary to take action at the reception to make all identity entries. The entrance and exit days are kept and the remaining keys are collected and the apartment keys are delivered. Before the accommodation starts, our guest must pay the entire accommodation fee in cash to the reception. After these procedures, our staff will help and accompany you to your apartment entrance.


3) If you need anything during your stay, you can get help and support from the staff in the apartment.


If you have any questions, please call 05339307442 Fehmi DOĞAN