Apartments with a maximum of 3 rooms, including one, two or living room, open kitchen where you can meet your eating and drinking needs, and with its own bathroom and wc, are called apartments.


In the apartments; The apartments are at home comfort and fully furnished. It is the choice of nuclear families who want to spend their holidays at affordable prices, friends or crowded families who want to spend their holidays together in the same house.


In the apartments; Just as you continue your daily life in your home, there are equipments to keep you going. While you can cook your meal yourself and eat it, you can also clean the apartment you have rented with the cleaning tools inside the apartment. Some apartments even have washing machines. All you have to do is take your towels and clothes and enjoy the holiday. In the meantime, you can meet your eating, drinking or other needs from the shopping centers or markets around the apartment.


Although the apart hotel culture has just started to spread in our country, it is a very popular holiday concept especially in many European countries such as Spain, Italy and Greece.


While choosing an apart hotel, the most important point should be kept in the foreground, such as the availability of shopping points or markets around the apartment's proximity to the sea, whether it has the equipment to make you comfortable during the holiday.